Pitchfork (2017)






Pitchfork (2017)

12 kills

I don’t know why it has taken this long for someone to make a slasher film about a killer who has a pitchfork for a hand, but needless to say, this is our kind of movie!

Pitchfork does have three flaws: (1) too much (maybe all?) of the audio was added in post production and feels unnatural, (2) the dialogue is unrealistic at times, and (3) like most modern horror films, it feels too long.

That being said, none of this changes that there are a couple of legitimate scares, and some of the kills are great. You won’t care about any of these characters, which is fine, because they’re all going to get killed anyway. And if you like different types of kills, you won’t find it here. There are a few¬†random farm tools, but it’s mostly the pitchfork, which is what we all really came to see.

Ultimately, this movie looks really good and has an awesome killer. Think about it: Freddy’s finger blades wouldn’t stand a chance against a whole pitchfork hand. This is a must-see for slasher fans.

Pitchfork is now available on demand, through iTunes, and in select theaters. Watch the trailer here:

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